Appointment of Principal Designer

Download Principal Designer Contract Template

Since the introduction of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, the role of CDM coordinator has been replaced by the role of Principal Designer. Every UK construction project thus requires a Principal Designer and our form of agreement is designed for this role.

The document template is in MS Word and contains 20 clauses:

  1. Definitions and interpretation
  2. Appointment & warranty
  3. Commencement & term
  4. Duties of principal designer
  5. Duties of client
  6. Fees & payment
  7. Additional services
  8. Copyright licence
  9. Professional indemnity insurance & liability
  10. Assignment & subcontracting
  11. Collateral warranties
  12. Termination
  13. Suspension
  14. Confidentiality
  15. Notices
  16. Resolution of disputes
  17. Governing law
  18. Entire agreement
  19. Rights of third parties
  20. Partnership

There are also three schedules to be completed, detailing the description of the project, the services (with particular reference to the CDM Regulations), fees and expenses.

If you choose to add legal support to your purchase please note the following conditions: